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Dairy Industry Orientation Webinar


The $125-billion U.S. dairy industry is complex, with dynamic trends in farm production, product manufacturing, consumer preferences, and government regulations. If you're trying to get a better handle on what makes dairy tick, you'll want to attend this two-part Dairy Industry Orientation webinar with seasoned instructor Bob Yonkers, Ph.D., IDFA vice president and chief economist.


December 3, 2013 

Part One:
Dairy Industry Trends
Learn what's happening in today's complex and ever-changing dairy foods market. In this session, you'll receive a broad overview of recent trends in the dairy industry, beginning at the farm level and moving through processing, sales and consumption, US dairy product imports and exports and prices at all levels of the supply chain.

Information Sources for the Dairy Marketing and Policy Analyst
There are a variety of dairy industry resources for data and market analysis that every dairy industry professional should be aware of and know how to access.

December 5, 2013

Part Two: 
Introduction to Dairy Policies and Regulatory Programs
Dairy farms and processing plants must meet many stringent regulations, so "the basics" in this industry are far from basic. This session is designed to be a primer on federal and state regulations that govern this industry, as well as a review of US international trade policy commitments.

How Milk Flows from Farm to Consumer
An overview of how milk flows from the farm to the end user which specifically points out where the various government dairy policies and regulations play a part.